Who, What, Why?

This blog was created for the selfish reason of giving myself an outlet where I can post my work and blabber on about it.  It keeps my creativity flowing which is something I am striving for lately.  How can I be better, how can I improve, how can I be the best!  I have so much to learn….   

 A little about me…I have been taking photographs since I got my first camera at age 10.  I began making “documentary” videos at the age of 15 and finally majored in Broadcast Television Production at BYU.  After BYU I had the great opportunity to travel as a Production Assistant on the Mormon Trail Wagon Trail re-enactment trek.  For three months we walked and traveled and documented the trek creating a TV series called “Legacy West”.  After that I was able to work in various positions on film and television crews with KBYU, the LDS Motion Picture Studio and other independent film groups.  It was one of these jobs in particular where I met my husband.  We have three great kids and now live in Spanish Fork, UT.  I began taking pictures of my children when they were young and decorated my walls with their faces.  Word began to spread and I was asked by others to photograph their children.  I started my business Photography and Digital Art by Courtney White three years ago and have been loving every minute of it.  I have learned so much and love what I do.  If you would like to view my portfolio, click here:  www.photographybycw.com.


One Response to Who, What, Why?

  1. Jennifer Maloy says:


    We were in the same ward in Goleta as kids (and elementary and junior high schools). Harbold is my maiden name. I was a bit bored during a break at work one day and decided to Google some old friends. I was surprised when I actually got results!
    It’s funny, but I was thinking about you a while ago. Last summer my husband and I planned a trip to Santa Barbara with our kids. I was searching for travel guides on the Internet and bought one that was co-authored by your mom. And now I stumble onto your blog.

    It’s good to see you’re so successful at doing something you love. I ‘ve seen your gallery and your work on Latter-day Village, your pictures are amazing! I love how relaxed they are.

    I just thought I would take a moment to say hi. It was too good an opportunity to pass up. If you would like to get back in touch or reconnect, my email is sjamsmaloy@netscape.net. My phone number is 571-2489 (Sandy, UT).

    Jennifer Maloy (Harbold)

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