Chilly snowscape

March 3, 2007

I need to make friends with the snow instead of being such a wimp and not want to get out in it.  This shoot was difficult but turned out great.  As I hiked up to this spot I stepped in what I thought was flat snow and landed up to my ankles in mud.   I made her walk out in my tracks and then photoshopped out later….or I could tell you the truth that I dropped her down by helicopter and that’s why there are no footprints.    I am trying to incorporate more nature in my portraits.  I have found lately that I either do super up close and personal or very wide to include the whole landscape.  I like both, I am not too keen on the medium.  This shoot was only about 15 minutes long because we were freezing and 15 minutes is not much time to get it perfect.  I may try this again with older people.  This was more a test today, but Mom likes it….and I’m the Mom so I know for sure 🙂