I’ve been to Zion!  Absolutely amazing!  As we were driving up to it I was just in complete awe that something so magnificent even existed.  Once my son asked me if I could have any super power what would it be?  Although I would like to have a magic snap that makes my house clean in a matter of seconds, truly what I would give more than anything is to be able to travel back in time and witness history.  I wondered who named it Zion?  When was it discovered?  How was it formed?  I took many pictures but honestly pictures just do not do it justice.   It was warm in the 50s however the shadows cast on the canyon walls left snow and frozen ice.  It was incredible to look at.  It kind of reminded me of the movie Hook….you know where the Lost boys live and each part of their land is divided into different seasons.  So it’s fall with beautiful leaves in one place, snow on the ground in another, etc.  Amazing, amazing, amazing…..did I mention that Zion National Park is amazing?


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