I’m off to St. George again this weekend and I hope to bring back some good stuff image-wise.  I have started a new branch to my business and it has been a lot of fun.  I love being creative, and I love that I have an opportunity to do it (aw shucks :).   Here is a link to my latest business venture, and why I have let my portrait business go a bit :


I must thank everyone at LDV for giving me this opportunity to show my work and make it available to others.  (*sigh*) I really must take a moment and express how grateful I am for the things I have going in my life.  I have the greatest husband who supports me not only as my best friend but because of his knowledge in the media world is always my toughest (and best) critic and assists me in all ways from camera shopping, lighting and just plain giving me ideas.  He’s wonderful.  My kids…though they have come to truly despise the times when I pull out my camera and say I have a new idea, they are beautiful, and I love capturing their faces as they grow up.  They are why I started doing this.   Someday, I know they will thank me for it, and someday I will be even more glad than I am now that I have such great images of them.  Finally, I must thank all of my friends, family and clients who have spread the word about my photography.  I have never marketed myself in any way and I appreciate all of the kind words from others that have kept me, not only in business, but have given me more opportunties to develop my talent and become more creative.  I love it, I could not have done any of this without the support of others.   If you have a talent, or a desire to develop your talent then I say go for it.  Study your heart out, research until your eyes are sore, practice like crazy and the Lord and those who recognize your talents will do the rest.   “If you build it they will come…”

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