Moab Series–really I didn’t forget

Okay, actually I did.  No, not really forgot.  Just put it off.  I really do have a problem with taking a ton of pictures, filing them away fully intending to get back to them later.  Later being when we have finally settled in our new home and I can enlarge a ton of images and place them all over my walls.   But since I have not really ventured out with my camera lately and gave up on the lights for the time being, I am back-tracking a little and posting some sunset images from my Moab series that I promised earlier.   A thunderstorm blew over us right before I took these, and, I must note, I am NOT a storm chaser.  Infact I was terrified that either I, or my children, might be struck by lightning.  We survived, so did my camera and so did these images.  So here ya go…

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