I walk out my back door and this is what I see *sigh*, I am afraid that I am not much of a winter cold person.  My dad sent me a pix today from his cell phone of the beach where I grew up in Goleta…..*sigh* again, I’d really like to be there about now.

 So I went camera shopping, or…camera looking I guess.   I went and played with the Nikon D200, and D80, as well as the Canon Rebel XTi and 30D.  After playing with them all I have to say that the Nikon D80 was my favorite and would be the one I would choose, should I decide to switch systems.  The Canons just felt so….plastic-like, not durable at all.  Of course they are extremely light weight but I just didn’t like how they felt in my hands.   I was hoping, however to get a hold of the Canon 5D which the local retailers did not seem to have in stock.  My conclusion is that my Sony is not so bad after all.  It has, by far over all of them the best viewfinder.  Through the viewfinder or LCD you can see a histogram, all of your settings including flash and white balance and as you adjust your settings the viewfinders changes.  So if I am shooting really low light, as I open up the iris and lengthen the shutter speed the viewfinder actually brightens.  Very cool, and I did not realize others did not have this feature.  I couldn’t even find the histogram on the Canon.    The other feature I love about my 828 is the way the camera grip swivels.  So if I have my tripod at it’s tallest and I can’t see into the viewfinder-because I am short-I can swivel the camera back to point down at me while the lens stays fixed on the subject.  Also, very cool.

So, my conclusion…..I’m going to stick with my 828, and if I do decide to upgrade, unless the Canon 5D can blow me away, will probably go with a Nikon (no offense Canon users).

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