Indoor practice

Boy have I struggled getting this lighting set up.  My instructors at BYU would cringe if they ever knew I was have lighting difficulties.  Oh how many hours, most times LATE into the night did I stay in the KBYU studio getting ready for my lighting practicals, and lighting sets for projects.  My issue is with the noise on my camera.  By raising the ISO on my camera, I am allowing more light in, but with my trusty (or not) Sony, the higher the ISO setting the more the noise.  I hate noise, with a passion.  I posted on Sony Talk to get some answers and I have concluded, use a tripod, keep the ISO low, and move the lights closer.  Too close, I think.  But closer nonetheless.  The question I have is why my camera’s light meter is reading the light so low, with 8 halogens you think that would be plenty!  Bob Sink, if you are reading this, I am so embarrassed….

 Here’s one from today…just a fun candid one in the lights, however what three year old will stay put….so he’s sorta on the edge of the light.  The edge of the light–oooh there’s a great phrase.

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