Winter Sun

I love the way the sun sits so low on the horizon in the winter time.  The sky is such a deep dark blue.  Shooting the sun is something I really don’t usually do, but I had an idea and this is the result. 


For Christmas I got several halogen lights and have created a small studio space with them.  Since I am so anti-flash, I figured I had plenty of light to shoot without it.  I did but not without adjusting my ISO to 400.  How can that be?  I have 8 halogens pointing to one subject and my ISO has to be at 400?  And when shot at 400 the noise was really bugging me.  I did some research and found that my camera, the Sony F828 is known for this problem–noise at high ISO.  Arg.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to spend so much money on a camera and then find problems that cannot be fixed without post processing.  Of course, with the post processing everything is fine.  But because I am a perfectionist I want it to look perfect straight off the camera.  So I decided to get the Sony R1 which, after reviews seems to be a great solution to the high ISO problem.  Of course the fact that it is now discontinued it also a problem….  I am considering switching systems, (did I just say that?).  I have been loyal to Sony for so long.  I must say the 828 has been good to me and I anticipate will continue to be for a long time but only as long as I have Neat Image around to save the noise problems.   It’s not enough for me to go buy a new camera today or even tomorrow, but is enough for me to vent about in this blog.  Done now.  Cheers!

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