Indoor practice

December 31, 2006

Boy have I struggled getting this lighting set up.  My instructors at BYU would cringe if they ever knew I was have lighting difficulties.  Oh how many hours, most times LATE into the night did I stay in the KBYU studio getting ready for my lighting practicals, and lighting sets for projects.  My issue is with the noise on my camera.  By raising the ISO on my camera, I am allowing more light in, but with my trusty (or not) Sony, the higher the ISO setting the more the noise.  I hate noise, with a passion.  I posted on Sony Talk to get some answers and I have concluded, use a tripod, keep the ISO low, and move the lights closer.  Too close, I think.  But closer nonetheless.  The question I have is why my camera’s light meter is reading the light so low, with 8 halogens you think that would be plenty!  Bob Sink, if you are reading this, I am so embarrassed….

 Here’s one from today…just a fun candid one in the lights, however what three year old will stay put….so he’s sorta on the edge of the light.  The edge of the light–oooh there’s a great phrase.



December 29, 2006

Thanks to Lisa at ILP for sharing this watermark action!  For those of you who don’t know, in Photoshop, actions are wonderful.  You open an image, go to the action box on the right and click the record button.  PS will then record every step you make as you “fix” your photo.  Then when you are done, press Stop and then pull up another image and press play.  The action will perform all of your steps in the blink of about 5 seconds.  Boy does this save time!   For some images this is difficult since exposure, etc may be different for each photo.  However, for watermarking such as this, it’s heaven and saves a whole heckofa bunch of time.  I will be using this from now on…but may change the logo, still playing with it.

Winter Sun

December 29, 2006

I love the way the sun sits so low on the horizon in the winter time.  The sky is such a deep dark blue.  Shooting the sun is something I really don’t usually do, but I had an idea and this is the result. 


For Christmas I got several halogen lights and have created a small studio space with them.  Since I am so anti-flash, I figured I had plenty of light to shoot without it.  I did but not without adjusting my ISO to 400.  How can that be?  I have 8 halogens pointing to one subject and my ISO has to be at 400?  And when shot at 400 the noise was really bugging me.  I did some research and found that my camera, the Sony F828 is known for this problem–noise at high ISO.  Arg.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to spend so much money on a camera and then find problems that cannot be fixed without post processing.  Of course, with the post processing everything is fine.  But because I am a perfectionist I want it to look perfect straight off the camera.  So I decided to get the Sony R1 which, after reviews seems to be a great solution to the high ISO problem.  Of course the fact that it is now discontinued it also a problem….  I am considering switching systems, (did I just say that?).  I have been loyal to Sony for so long.  I must say the 828 has been good to me and I anticipate will continue to be for a long time but only as long as I have Neat Image around to save the noise problems.   It’s not enough for me to go buy a new camera today or even tomorrow, but is enough for me to vent about in this blog.  Done now.  Cheers!

Oh Christmas Tree

December 20, 2006

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m nuts about Christmas.  Or maybe I am just plain nuts for putting my Christmas tree on a two foot high platform.  This because we bought a Santa train to go around the tree and felt it would be much better to have it at the same level as the kids.  This has proven to be a good thing as the tree has remained mostly untouched by little hands, and the train, well, has gotten a lot of love.  Shooting into a window on a sunny day after a snowstorm, that’s nuts too.  But, you get the idea. 🙂

When you give away your files…

December 19, 2006

I must give credit to Michael Lloyd as he was the photographer who took this picture.  He is a wedding photographer and (as many photographers do these days, including myself), gave the bride all of the high resolution files on a disk.  Thus making it possible for me to get a hold of the file and do some photoshop magic to it–crop, clone and filtered-creating this sweet image of the flower girl who had waited patiently to show off her dress to the bride.  The opinion of many photographers to give away their files is extremely frowned upon.  Personally if I were a customer, I would appreciate them which is why I do it.  I have to make a small announcement that I am going to begin limiting my portrait sessions and will not be taking new clients after the first of the year.  BUT that’s not to say this blog will die nor will my photography passion…I am on the brink of starting an exciting new branch to my business, stay tuned!

Oh, and by the way….for those of you who are visiting (and I know you are out there!), I’d love to hear from you.  Don’t be shy, post a reply!  And thanks, as always, for visiting. 🙂

Evening in the snow

December 12, 2006

Snow is a killer, isn’t it?  Either it’s gray, or blue, or blown out so you lose all detail.  This was taken at about 5pm just as the sun was setting.  I set white balance but the light was low, A at 4.5 and SS was 1/10 which means that since I wasn’t using a tripod most of them didn’t come out due to my shaking.  I tried adjusting f-stop but I wanted to get the detail in the snow.  Though the snow looks a bit blue, I like it.  My true goal in my photography is to capture what the eye sees.  And because it was evening, the sun was set and it was um….freezing, the bluish, to me, adds to it.  I feel cold looking at this.  And as I recall, I WAS cold taking it.