MOAB series-part IV

I apologize it’s been a few days.  Life got crazy…Grandpa came to visit, my son broke his arm, blah blah blah.

This image was indeed taken at Arches, but proves it isn’t all red rock and blue sky.  This is a stream near the Delicate Arch trailhead.  Near the stream and as you begin the hike to Delicate Arch you pass this small one room cabin.  This cabin has always intrigued me.  I think it’s because a family with children lived there for almost 10 years and as I look into that small cabin which is smaller than my youngest child’s bedroom, I wonder how in the world they did it.   Also, living so far from any civilization yet so close to such wonderous rock formations.  A part of me would like to try it out…maybe for a few weeks.  Just to see if I could stand it.  I did however, stumble across a living creature…this little guy hopped out and croaked at me.  At the time I was shooting these, I was all alone in the silence of the desert, so let me say it was one terrifying croak! 

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